KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov authorized the formation of group Alfa on 28 July 1974 via a unique, hand-written letter. Officially designated Group A, the media came to refer to the unit as "Alfa" after 1991.

This unit has taken part in virtually all hostage rescue operations in Russia since its formation.

The decision on creation of group Vympel ( Pennant ) was accepted at the closed session of ministerial Council USSR and agency of the central committee communist party of the Soviet Union.

Missions of group: realization reconnaissance - subversive operations, struggle with terrorist and guerilla groups in territory of other states, protection and evacuation of the citizens and establishments USSR abroad, capture of the important objects of the opponent (HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, NUCLEAR POWER STATION, chemical and enterprises of oil etc.), protection of the important objects against the saboteurs of the opponent. All these operations should be conducted at interaction with intelligence investigation. During war in Afghanistan the employees were occupied with investigation, data gathering, acts of sabotage. They have penetrated into groups of mujahideen, Pushed together
groups among themselves, order a misinformation, freed the soldier from captivities. In 1991 to problems of group the problem on clearing of the terrorists of the grasped important objects was added.
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Analogman picture
@ 2005-08-30 18:24:04
The building in the NE looks to be a parking structure. The circular towers at the corners are probably ramps. One for up, the other for down. There is obviously an athletic field with a track and, to the immediate right of the field, there appears to be several track & field devices, including a pole-vault pit at the north end. The far northeast building appears to be a generating station, probably steam for heating. Note the smoke stack and the two fuel oil storage tanks? If this were an electrical generating station there would be electrical lines visible. Steam lines, however, are commonly buried in that part of the world.

This could be, perhaps, a military barracks. I think the fence/wall is meant to keep people out, not in, so it's not a prison. A prison wouldn't have all of those trees on the grounds. Too many places for people to hide while trying to escape.
Anonymous picture
@ 2005-10-04 05:51:02
It's "Alfa" & "Vympel" base in Balashiha-5