The Victor class is the general NATO classification for a type of nuclear-powered submarine that was originally put into service by the Soviet Union around 1967. In the USSR, they were produced under Project 671. Victor-class subs featured a teardrop shape, which allowed them to travel at high speed. These vessels were primarily designed to protect Soviet surface fleets and to attack American ballistic missile subs, should the need ever arise.

The Soviet Union discovered through its spy network that Americans could easily track Victor II-class subs (one of the sub-classifications listed below) and subsequently halted production of that type to design the Victor III class.

Victor III entered service in 1979; 25 or 26 were produced under Project 671RTM. Quieter, these had 2 tubes for launching SS-N-21 or SS-N-15 missiles and Type 53 torpedoes, plus another 4 tubes for launching SS-N-16 missiles and Type 65 torpedoes. 24 tube-launched weapons or 36 mines could be on-board.
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