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In Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar, on the northern side of Sühbaatar square stood Sühbaatar's Mausoleum. In 2005 the mausoleum was removed and relocated to a graveyard outside of the city, to make place for a center dedicated to Chinggis Khaan, that is currently under construction. Sühbaatar was a Mongolian war hero in the early 20th-century when Mongolia was fighting for its independence. The mausoleum was built in 1921, two years before Sühbaatar's death. The mausoleum resembled the shape of Lenin's Mausoleum but differs in color.

Horloogiyn Choybalsan, the ruler of Mongolia during the Communist era, was also buried in the same mausoleum. The corpses of both rulers were ritually burned in 2004, under supervision of the Buddhist clergy.

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