There are a number of television and radio transmitters and associated towers at this site, high above Albuquerque New Mexico.

From the days of Major Armstrong, 75 years ago, broadcasters have known that successful FM (and later TV) transmission depends most of all on one factor: height.

When it comes to maximum height, one big tower farm towers above all the rest. At some 10,600 feet above sea level and nearly 5,000 feet above downtown Albuquerque, itself at about a mile of elevation, the “Sandia Crest Electronic Site” boasts lots of “mosts.” It’s the highest-elevation major tower farm in America, it boasts more high-power FM than the other big Western mountaintop sites (13 class C FMs and a C0), and perhaps most significantly, the FM and TV stations here enjoy the highest height above average terrain (HAAT) of any FM or TV stations in the continental U.S.
How high is “high”? The FM stations here range from 1232 meters (4041′) to 1294 meters (4244′) above average terrain, with the dozen full-power DTV stations ranging from 1235 to 1292 meters above average terrain.
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Check out the Bird's Eye View to see a tower like you have probably never seen before.