Scamp├Ča is a modern suburb in the north of Naples. The population is about 80,000. The name of Le Vele has become infamous as the emblem of one of the most degraded and problematic of the city. Degradation is also accompanied by a marked material poverty and social causes which, though recent, are deeply popular in the northern suburbs of Naples. Such a density of people in precarious socio-economic conditions in a complex so large has led to an explosion of organized crime, which was a breeding ground for all their trades, an accomplice of the state and the lack of legality. Le Vele formed an island of crime well protected, isolated, in which the forces of order if you just could not risk venturing among the buildings unsafe. In the early '80s, the phenomenon of drugs in Scampia was not yet to the enormous levels of today. The main cause of the explosion of drug trafficking was due to the decision to open the new facility ASL Napoli 1 right next to the sails, and again, to accommodate a center of administration of methadone, which attracted crowds of addicts throughout the city, province , the Region, and now also from all over Italy. In this way the Camorra became huge revenues for the sole business of dealing in narcotic drugs, estimated at billions of euros. With the money from was also possible for organized crime to buy the silence of the authorities at any level. Today Scampia is in fact a square that is smuggling of large quantities of drugs, enough to be called the paradise of drugs in first place in Europe in terms of quantity of drugs sold to retail
Now 2 building was destroyed
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