From this high up, with proper enhancement (see thumbnail), the tectonic plate known as Scotia Plate can be seen in its entirety. The eastern sliver of the visible boundary is the South Sandwich Microplate, containing the South Sandwich Islands (just west of the visible trench). These two plates are actually pulling apart from each other, with the Sandwich plate subducting under the much larger South American Plate.
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AKpilotEMT picture
@ 2005-12-07 06:06:03
I'm just wondering - is the Scotia Plate considered part of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands?

If you wanted to go explore the plate in some kind of submersible, would you need permission from Tony Blair or is the plate truly in international waters where one can freely go and do as they please?
kjfitz picture
@ 2005-12-07 10:25:58
I missed that when I approved it. I moved it to International Waters. Thanks.
romulusnr picture
@ 2005-12-07 18:46:49
I never saw the "IW" country before. I just did what I did for Marianas Trench, which was to associate it with the closest listed "country".

As for South Sandwich Microplate, it may actually be mostly within SGSSI waters.

/me puts "Natural - Underwater" on his category wish list
Anonymous picture
@ 2006-02-19 09:55:42
does anybody know the rate of speed of the scotia plate??
Anonymous picture
@ 2012-01-10 16:24:07
Divergent. And I presume it's the same as Nova Scotia.