The Shatura Power Station (also called Shaturskaya GRES or GRES-5 locally) is one of the oldest power stations in Russia. The facility is located in Shatura, Moscow Oblast, and generates power by utilizing two 210 MW units, three 200 MW units, and one 80 MW unit, totaling the installed capacity to 1,100 MW. Built in 1925, the power station initially used peat as its fuel source. But later power plant has been diversified into multifuel. In 2010 install new combined cycle block 400 MW. Two blocks 80 and 400 MW can not work on peat.

In 2005 ballance of fuel was:

* Natural gas: 78%
* Peat: 11.5%
* Fuel oil: 6.8%
* Coal: 3.7%
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