Had the pleasure of visiting this house in the late-80s just after the renovation. I was touring in author Alan Hess' Architectural History class from SCI-ARC.
Heard that Lautner climbed on the roof the night before the concrete was to be poured and he placed many drinking glasses upside down to form makeshift pinlights in the ceiling on a whim. Genius.
'Above Horizon' by James Turrell is located here too.
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Links: www.johnlautner.org, www.youtube.com
By: pmoore66
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@ 2008-01-23 13:22:40
oh..most importantly featured in the Big Lebowski...scene where the Dude drinks the spiked White Russian
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@ 2009-07-18 09:41:02
also, 'Above Horizon' by James Turrell is located here too.