Simeiz Observatory (also spelled "Simeis" or "Simeïs") was an astronomy research observatory until the mid 1950s. It is located on Mount Koshka, Crimea, Ukraine by the town of Simeiz.
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Part of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, it is currently used for laser based studies of the orbits of satellites.

Simeiz observatory organized by an amateur astronomer and later Honored member of the Academy of Science, M. Maltsov In 1900 he built a tower for refractor at his land plot near Simeiz. In 1906 - a tower with dome for Zeiss double astrograph. Both towers are preserved and being used nowadays. I11 1908, M. Maltsov handed his observatory to Pulkovo observatory as a present. In 1912, the first astrophysical department of Pulkovo observatory was officially opened at the south of Russia. Simeiz observatory is situated at the level of 360m above sea level at southern mountainside of the Crimean mountains, at Koshka mountain. A main building was restored after the Second World War on the basis of old building in modernized style with balconies decorated by columns.
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