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@ 2007-08-19 20:44:10

"The Snyderman House was a single family residence in Fort Wayne, Indiana designed and built for Sanford and Joy Snyderman in 1972 by architect Michael Graves. It was celebrated among architects as a seminal example of Grave's early work. The house burned to the ground on July 30, 2002 as the result of suspected arson.

After living in the home for 25 years, the Snydermans sold the house in 1999 to local developers Joseph Sullivan and William Swift, who planned to tear it down as part of a large housing development.

Fort Wayne government officials blocked the development under pressure from local preservation groups. One non-profit organizations attempted to raise money to buy the house and surrounding land from the developers, who had let the abandoned building fall into disrepair.

In its final days, the Snyderman House had been overrun by street gangs, whose members were squatting in the home and using it as a place to sell and use illegal drugs."