A Norwegian engineer showed that this seaworthy concrete ship could be built in 1916. During World War I when steel was scarce, concrete was used to build ships. The SS Palo Alto was one of eight tankers built at the Oakland Shipyard, but the war ended before its maiden voyage. With the war over the Navy sold the ship to the Cal-Nevada Stock Company in 1929.

The new owners towed it here to Seacliff, flooded its hold so it would rest on the sandy bottom and then remodeled it to include a dance floor, cafe and a 54 foot swimming pool. Carnival booths were setup on deck. Fishing was good on the pier leading out to it.

Two years later the Seacliff Amusement Corporation developed financial problems and the Palo Alto was stripped of its finery and left to the fishers. Today the Palo Alto serves as an artificial reef for marine life.

Date of Shipwreck: 1929

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