History, idea, concept and name of the « Ständige Vertretung » (short : StäV) are closely related to recent German history. The West-German Federal Republic and the East German Democratic Republic didn´t have regular embassies but ”steady representations” (German: Ständige Vertretung) in Bonn and East-Berlin. As the wall came down there was a bitter fight between a old and new capital. Bonn lost. Aproximately 50.000 people from the Rhineland move to Berlin in 1998. 40 years of Bonn were made history. This thrilling time is shown at the ”StäV”. The French newsagency AFP titeled: ”The ”StäV” ist not an ordinary pub, but a political reading-book”. The history of decades past ist brought back.

Hannover is currently one of six "StäV's" in Germany.
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Links: www.staev-hannover.de
By: neotrix
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