Østermarie church was consecrated 18th oktober 1891.

The church was built in the "Paradise-granite" and was designed by architect Andreas Clemmensen (also involved in the construction of the present Christiansborg).

The ruins are the remains of a church built around. year 1200 It was listed for architectural building details. The original roof was entirely of stone - and only the very top roof was made ​​of wood.

Construction of the new church mentioned in particular by author Martin Andersen Nexø in his memoir "Under the open sky. " He wrote the novel " Pelle the Conqueror" which was made to film in 1987 which won the Academy Award.

In the construction could accommodate 1000 people church (now up to 400). It came to cost 53,460.80 incl. demolition of the old church and some necessary additional work
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By: Dania


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