Switching over to maps mode shows these all listed as streets.

Are these subdivisions that have never been developed? If so they are in very obscure locations and probably don't have utilities.
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By: kjfitz
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johninc picture
@ 2005-07-13 13:50:57
Thats Awesome.
Anonymous picture
@ 2005-07-13 13:52:53
maybe robots training/contest
romulusnr picture
@ 2005-07-13 19:03:43
It's righy by Fort Irwin, which is apparently seeking to expand. Maybe this is part of it... housing for stationed personnel?
acj15 picture
@ 2006-04-09 16:01:50
Before major offesives or special ops, depending on the mission. The area is mapped out so troops can be familiar with the layout. Sometimes they even construct fake buildings etc... Alot of the same thing can be found on Eglin AFB. For example...