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@ 2006-01-31 23:08:50
I worked on the construction of Bushehr Naval Base 1975 and also used to visit friends working on the Military Airbase. In my car, driving through the desert, I passed the sunken ship everyday on the way to the worksite. First time I saw it I thought it was a mirage. I was told the ship was an ex US Navy warship sold to Iran which on it's first trip into these waters was accidentally beached because the sea in this area is quite shallow. It could not be moved. There was also at this time on the airfield, a squadron of, I think they were F15's, with US pilots training the Iranians to fly these planes which had been sold to Iran. These pilots had come from Viet Nam. I wrote a short story that included some comments about the beached warship. I probably could tell you more about Bushehr. Sorry I couldn't give you my email address. I am 75 years old now, and because of privacy I would be worried to do this in the world climate which we have today.
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@ 2007-02-13 15:36:17
Perhaps (and this is just perhaps) this is the wreck of Iranian coastal minesweeper Shahbaz (US pennant number MCS 275 though built for Iran) which according to some sources was lost by fire in 1975 and according to British reports stricken in 1974 after collision damage. Size of the wreck at least is about right.