Can you talk about what your boudin is like and the ratio of meat to rice and the amount of liver and the spiciness of it?

We have a recipe and it’s I would say 60-pounds of meat, 5-pounds of liver—pork liver and we have onions, bell pepper, and salt and a little black pepper and red pepper—cayenne pepper and about 20-pounds of rice and one batch of 60-pounds makes about 100-pounds of boudin and each specialty store has their own recipe and they all love their own recipe but we’ve—well, we have the best. We average about 10,000 pounds a week every week and about 200 batches of cracklings every week. So the amount that you sell—you make and you sell well it lets, you know, who has the best product, and I don’t think there’s anybody else around that sells this much product in South Louisiana.
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By: Parabellum


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