Members: JonBoy - Guitar, Vocals; Eedann - Washboard, Vocals; Curt - Doghouse Bass; Andrew - Harmonica, Slide Guitar, Vocals; Will - Guitars

The Ghosts of Texas were formed in 2006 by JonBoy and Curt in a bar in Denton, TX. They were tired of all the bullshit country music and lamented that no one, save a few intrepid artists (like Wayne "The Train" Hancock), were out there playing real country music. They set about that day trying to right the wrongs that had been done with slap bass, hard luck songs and whiskey. They commissioned the services of long time friend and general badass, Andrew, to come on board as a multi-instrumentalist and the band was formed. A couple years of training and playing in Denton and the boys felt it was time to move to a bigger pond. They loaded up their things and moved down to muy fabuloso Austin, TX. Shortly after, they enlisted Eedann to round out the three part harmonies and sing duets, and then the conquest began....
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By: kjfitz


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