Landing Craft, Air Cushioned (LCAC) craft in Sasebo are parked at the Sakibe facility when not deployed with their ships, USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43) and USS Germantown (LSD 42). These are three of the eight stationed here.
The LCAC program has expanded to include a detachment in Sasebo, Japan. This provides a very unique opportunity for LCAC crewmembers to do an overseas LCAC assignment. The forward deployed Sasebo Detachment is up and running at full speed. This new unit is located away from the actual Sasebo base at the Sakibe Bay facility. This isolated location provides space for LCAC operations and maintenance. The detachment is divided between two ships, USS GERMANTOWN (LSD-42) and USS FORT MCHENRY (LSD-43), while deployed on local operations.
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