Part of an extinct volcano complex in Chad:

"Tousside is located in the Northwest portion of the Tibesti region in Northwestern tip of Chad, Africa. The main cone is located on the western rim of its caldera. The explostion crater - Trou au Natron lays on the southeast portion of the caldera rim. Looking to the east from the summit of Tousside, it is possible to see the volcanic cones, Ehi Timi of to the northeast and Ehi Sosso looking due east. Trou au Natron explosion-and-collapse structure is 6 to 8 kilometers in diameter and 950 meters deep. Within its walls is located four small andesitic volcanoes. Pic Tousside reaches 3,265 meters in height, the second highest peak in Tibesti. In the image above Pic Tousside is visably located near the middle of the dark andesite flows as well as Trou au Natron's white crater floor of sodium carbonate off to the lower right."
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By: doranchak


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