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@ 2007-12-11 20:35:29
This particular C-47 is being restored after being severely damaged in a ground loop. Here is the accient report:
The DC-3 was returning from an air show and the crew were on a visual approach to Titusville runway 27. The F/O was flying the airplane and the weather was VMC with winds reported by the tower of 250 degrees at 16 knots. The approach was stabilized, and upon touchdown the airplane bounced about three feet into the air according to an eyewitness. A decision was made by the PIC to go-around. Upon application of power the airplane turned sharply. The aircraft landed back, pointing about 80 degrees nose right of the runway heading. The right main gear had separated from the airplane, the left main gear collapsed, the tailwheel had separated, the right wing tip had impacted the runway with significant scaring on the underside of the wing, and wrinkling was observed in the empennage. The aircraft will probably be written off.

PROBABLE CAUSE: "The pilot's failure to maintain directional control during a bounced landing, resulting in a ground loop and subesequent collision with the runway."