From the ebay listing:

If you are only interested in using the place as a residence then you have your choice of 16 buildings to choose from. The Power Dome alone is 125' in diameter with about a 65' center ceiling. That's more than 12,000 square feet of open space. You could literally build any type of typical house INSIDE the Power Dome - if that was what you wanted to do. OR You could remodel all or part of the Control Dome, which itself is a 100' diameter two story dome containing over 7800 square feet in the first floor alone. OR you could decide to live in one of the THREE, four story equipment terminal buildings that contain about 1200 square feet of floor space on EACH floor!! OR you could build an apartment in the AIR INTAKE BUILDING, which OVERLOOKS the Power Dome so you could have an UNDERGROUND APARTMENT WITH A VIEW!! The Air Intake Building is 60' in diameter with about a 20' high ceiling!! That works out to about 2800 square feet of living space. OR you could choose to live in one or BOTH of the Antenna SILOS - They are 30' in diameter with about a 40' ceiling ON THE FIRST FLOOR! The lower level is also 30' in diameter with about a 20' ceiling. ADDITIONALLY, if you chose to live in one or both of the Antenna Silos, you could retrofit the ANTENNA SILO - SILO DOORS - each weighing about 50 tons - with a new hydraulic opening system and then you could have your own push button 100-ton opening skylight. And if you really wanted to go whole hog, you could live in the bottom of one of the 155’ tall MISSILE SILOS and retrofit the 150 ton SILO DOORS so you could push a button and open them up – 155’ above the floor!!
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