Tokelau is a small island, consisting of three atolls, some 500 miles from Western Samoa and is inhabited by less then 1500 people. Living on just 17 square kilometers (12 square miles) and the only way to get there is by traveling by boat for some 42 hours. Because the island is so remote and has little means for trading and development, it is also quite poor. Enough statistics and facts, why are we giving away free domain names?

Tokelau carries the country extension .tk (pronounced as Dot TK) and is one of the smallest and most remote countries but with ideas big enough to overcome any distance. On the island the peaceful and preserved culture is still in tact, where a system for dividing goods, called Inati, is a daily activity. All the goods are divided equally amongst the people, so everyone has the same chances, opportunities and the same amount of food. And now the island of Tokelau has just added something else on their list to give: a Dot TK web extension. And you can hook up with a free domain name to be part of it. We believe that's what the Internet was supposed to be about. "Free" meaning no charges, payments or expected return favors.

You might think, that's cool, but what does Tokelau get out of this? Well, some domain names are of commercial value to the world outside of Tokelau but have already been claimed with other extensions (.COM, .BIZ etc.) Dot TK creates new opportunities for those who have not been able to claim such a domain name. We have pre-selected these names and are putting them up for sale starting with prices from USD 25.00. If you want more information about these names, just check out our info on the SPECIALDOMAIN.TK package. We have also reserved some trademarks for large corporations, who we will 'kindly' ask to sponsor the Tokelau Internet Project. And the good news remains: all the other millions of possible domain names are all free!
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By: AlbinoFlea


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