This is where the F-117 went operational without going public.

The secret base, located in Area 30 on the Nellis range, consists of 72 specially built hangers F-117s and other secret aircraft. New military buildings, such as hangars and other constructions at Tonopah, incurred costs of 295 million dollars. The hangers are arranged in sets (Canyons), and each hangers are named 'Barns'. Each set is parallel to the very long Runway and are arranged in lines opposite to one another.

After the Stealth fighters moved to Holloman Air Force, Tonopah was still active, though the focus of this activity remains obscure.

There is also a fake airbase to the SE.

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@ 2005-08-19 16:49:58
The entire facility, except the runways, is double fenced. The Taxiways from the parking apron to the runways are protected by gates in the double fencing.

Visible on the southern parking apron are two unmarked 737s, probably used to ferry the employees from Las Vegas.