Tuslog Detachment 4/Hippodrone Sinop Turkey: Pics and Stories

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I spent 13 months here in 1965/66. It was a remote posting for military communications types. This area is as historic as you can get. There were ruins and artifacts in abundance from several millenia BC on land and in the waters surrounding the mountain. Bob Ballard, the oceanagraphic genius, has done extensive work just off shore. Nearby is the only fjiord on the Black Sea. This area is now being developed as a resort area. It draws a lot of tourists from the former Soviet Republics.


i was stationed there mar 1991 till mar 1992 i used to go to the polygan pub, i often wonder what happened to the turkish friends i made while i was there,i can honestly say i have never met a kinder people than the turkish people of sinop. the food was great i remember the donar kababs. we would go to ankara for the weekends or to izmir for the weekends it was probably the most memorable year of my life. if you ever get a chance to go try the food and enjoy it truly is an amazing place.