The U.S. Naval Museum of Armament and Technology at China Lake was established when the Secretary of the Navy signed out SECNAVNOTE 5755 on 12 May 2000. The museum is a showcase for past and current Center products and programs and provides an amenable environment for briefings and presentations to off-Center visitors.

The Museum contains one of the finest publicly accessible collections of tactical air weaponry and technology anywhere. The display collection ranges from WWII rockets to cutting-edge guided missiles and includes familiar items like Sidewinder, Shrike, and Tomahawk alongside weapon systems that can be seen nowhere else—Agile, ACIMD, Bulldog, and Advanced Bomb Family (to name but a few). Videos covering China Lake projects and history may be viewed there as well.

Outdoor exhibits include the Polaris missile and historically significant aircraft such as the XF4D-1, F11F, and a restored HH-1K helicopter gunship. Exhibits to be added include NTA-4F, A-7E, HH- 1K, F-111B, QF-86, DF-8L, RA-5C, AV-8A, A-6E, and F/A-18A ("Hornet 1") aircraft; several significant range instrumentation and target items; and a tribute to the Center's Search-and-Rescue (SAR) teams, including a UH-1 SAR helo.
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