The word ‘Ulm' is German; ‘Pishkun' is from the Blackfoot meaning ‘deep blood kettle'. This archaeological site is possibly the largest bison cliff jump in North America. Native peoples used this site for at least two thousand years prior to Lewis and Clark's expedition through Montana. The kill site consists of a mile long sandstone cliff; there are remnants of drive lines on top of the cliff and the remains of millions of ‘processed' bison below. The park has an interpretive trail, shelters, picnic tables, fireplaces, and a protected black tailed prairie dog town to help the visitor better understand the epic history of hunting on the high plains.

In an effort to pay homage to the buffalo and the people who honor this mighty animal, Ulm Pishkun State Park has a new on-site education center. Of more than 300 bison kill sites in Montana, Ulm Pishkun will be the first of its kind. The 6,000 square foot center offers visitors buffalo culture exhibits, a storytelling circle, classroom, gallery and bookstore. A pow wow area and demonstration site are featured outdoors.
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