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Analogman picture
@ 2006-06-23 03:28:14
The aircraft in the image is a DC-3/C-47, sitting next to what appears to be some sort of catch basin with pumps and piping.
Hinkkanen picture
@ 2006-06-23 05:34:16
Might also be Lisunov Li-2, Soviet built version of DC-3 (NATO reporting name Cab, had loading door on the other side of fuselage and different engines) of which over 2000 were built.
Pdunn picture
@ 2006-06-23 06:18:39
Thanks for clearing that up. The length of the pumps and piping is similar to the plane next to it, and it was sleek enough to look airplane-like. However, the North Koreans aren't known for sleek.
Analogman picture
@ 2006-06-23 10:21:51
Quite possibly an Li-2. It would be impossible to tell from this image but they're essentially the same plane.
cthippo picture
@ 2010-09-18 02:05:06
I'm not sure it's not a tower of some sort. Seems to be throwing a fairly large shadow, but it's hard to tell at this resolution.