US Secret Service James J. Rowley Training Center

Skid tracks, a fake town, driving courses, caves/bunkers, helo pad with helicopter, obstacle course, 12 miles of roads, simulated airport apron, instinctive firing range, a protective driver training course, K-9 training area, and outdoor training and tactical response areas.

I wonder what the large low building in the lower left corner of the site is?

"James J. Rowley Training Center [provides] an academic environment that promotes critical thinking
and innovation in the areas of physical, site and event security, threat
assessments, antiterrorist intelligence techniques, emergency preparedness,
criminal investigations, protection of critical financial infrastructure, and
management development."

This is one of the two places the President goes when he wants to go for a bike ride. The center has six miles of paved roadways and training ranges - including one where the Secret Service Mountain Bike Patrol drills.
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By: kjfitz
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kjfitz picture
@ 2006-02-20 14:26:38
Way cool! Check out Bird's Eve View on this site.
AlbinoFlea picture
@ 2006-02-20 16:47:15
Sweet! You can even see agents(?) wandering around. Also like the line of black Suburbans...
kjfitz picture
@ 2009-07-27 08:53:18
Details on some of the training that goes on at this training center:
Anonymous picture
@ 2010-04-04 18:19:46
We live about a mile from this site and often hear bomb blasts followed by lots of machine gun fire. It sounds like a war zone some days. When we first moved here I nearly called the cops to report some kind of gang warfare going on nearby. This is not a typical shooting range. Not with the bombs and machine guns followed by helicopters swooping in.