Modern US Navy guided missile cruisers perform primarily in a Battle Force role. Due to their extensive combat capability, these ships have been designated as Battle Force Capable (BFC) units. They are designed to operate in a high-density multi-threat environment well into the 21st century. Equipped to operate as an integral member of a aircraft carrier battle group or as part of surface action group (SAG), the ships are able to control engagements of friendly US interceptors against enemy aircraft to ranges in excess of 500 miles.

Built to be employed in support of Carrier Battle Groups, Amphibious Assault Groups, as well as interdiction and escort missions, their mission is two-fold. First, to prevent the employment of weapons against friendly forces by destroying enemy missiles, aircraft, submarines and surface ships. Second, to conduct offensive actions against the enemy through the employment of long range anti-ship and land attack missiles, and through naval gunfire support.
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