Peleliu was the first ship in the war on terrorism to deploy Marines to the beach, and then fly over 200 miles to the desert country of Afghanistan.
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By: kjfitz


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@ 2005-08-14 07:28:55
Just bustin' your chops, but your high school English teacher must be having fits right about now. Your description sentence implies that the USS Peleliu deployed Marines to the beach and then flew itself, all 40,000 tons, 200 miles into Afghanistan!

You can even see an AV-8 Harrier on the aft end of the flight deck, probably an older model used only for fire fighting drills and to allow the deck crews practice moving the aircraft around the flight deck. When I was on Peleliu in the early '90s we had a similar wreck we called a 'dud'.
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@ 2005-08-22 14:48:11
Google Earth has a more recent shot of that pier. The USS Tarawa (LHA 1) is tied up there now.