The Washington Park Zoo covers 15 acres, on a hilly sand dune, close to Lake Michigan, where only nine acre are used for animal exhibits. The zoo exhibits more than 220 animal of 90 different species found throughout the world. Under our new Assessment and Initiatives Plan the zoo is being developed into a modernistic "biopark" where animals are exhibited in natural settings, surrounded by botanical plantings.

Among its exhibits are the Lion House, exhibiting African Lions and Bengal Tigers, the Education Center, where the discovery room is located housing animal skulls, skins and education animals, the Rotary Castle Building which houses our collection of cold-blooded creatures including lizards, snakes and frogs. Winged Wonders Exhibit our walk through Aviary where free flying bird fly over head and the Farm in the Zoo exhibit miniature domestic horses, donkeys, pigs and goats that are allowed to be fed by visitors.
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