From the Feb. 2004 issue of Sky & Telescope:

"One evening I was walking out along a mountain road near Christiania [now Oslo] - together with two companions... the Sun went down ... it was as if a flaming sword of blood slashed open the vault of heaven - the atmosphere turned to blood with glaring tongues of fire - the hills became deep blue the ford shaded into cold blue - among the yellow and red colors - that garish blood-red - on the road - and the railing - my companions' faces became yellow-white - I felt something like a great scream - and truly I heard a great scream."

By studying the perspective of the cliff and the distinctive round hill on Hovedo island, we could determine Munch's position with remarkable precision, within a few meters. This viewpoint is 100 meters from the modern tunnel portals where the E6 motorway passes through the Ekeberg hill, measured in the direction toward the intersection where Mosseveien joins with the E18 motorway. From this spot, Munch's direction of view in the drawing was toward the southwest exactly where the Krakatoa twilights appeared in the winter of 1883-84.
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By: AlbinoFlea


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