Welcome to Ar Ramadi, Al Anbar Province Iraq. After the fall of Fallujah to the east, many of the surviving insurgents regrouped in Ar Ramadi. The citizens of Ar Ramadi participated in Iraq's most recent election in large numbers. And for a while it looked as if Ar Ramadi would be a model for new found Suni-Coalition cooperation; however, since those early promising days following the election, the insurgents have attacked and intimidated those who cooperated with a vengence, killing many of the city's sheiks and governing officials. As a result, unlike other areas in Al Anbar that flare up from time to time, Ar Ramadi has been one consistent fire fight with no let up. Much of the Arab press is reporting the coalition began a major offensive to pacify Ar Ramadi on the day Zarqawi was killed; the US reports they are just pressing their gains as a result of his death.
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