World's Largest Crossword is painted on the fa├žade of a 12-storey building at Sakharov street, 82, Kiev, Ukraine.

The 30 metres tall and 18 metres wide crossword consisting of 19x34 squares was designed by local artist Sergei Petlyuk and was commissioned on December 29, 2008. Basic intent of the art work was to involve the local residents as well as to attract tourists to the cultural and architectural heritage of the historic city.

Printed leaflets of the crossword are available at various public/tourist spots so that people can try to solve it. The clues to the crossword are spread in various important landmarks, shopping centres and other public places like fountains, theatres, parks etc. of the city.

The answer are displayed during the night by means of fluorescent letters within the squares.
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By: kkeps


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