It was designed as an urban close air support (CAS) target complex built to provide a realistic simulation of urban or built up areas for Marine aviation to train.

The UTC has 178 buildings, 131 personnel targets, 31 vehicle targets and is equipped with streetlights. There are four Tactical Air Control Party sites around the periphery/

The UTC has three instrumentation systems:

a. A Weapons Impact Scoring System (WISS) which optically measures miss distance of ordnance delivery relative to a specific aim-point.
b. A No Drop Bomb Scoring System (NDBS) which, when tied into the Tactical Aircrew Training System (TACTS), receives signals from a specifically equipped fixed wing aircraft indicating ordnance delivery, determines the impact point of simulated ordnance drop.
c. A Virtual Interactive Targets (VIT) which determines the collateral damage and fratricide effects of a specific ordnance delivery based on either manual input or automatic feed from WISS or TACTS data.
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