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 Graffiti by Magrela, Sinha, Sola
! Attraversamento cavalli 50 m ( ! Crossing horses 50 m )
" La notte bianca della buona politica" / "poveri idioti"
"'Mount Fyans' homestead" by Louis Buvelot
"52 Degrees North" by Paul Richardson
"8 de marzo Dia Internacional de la Mujer"
"A Case History" by John King
"A Century of Heroes" - Mural by Eric Grohe
"A Dorcas meeting in the 6th century" by Edwin Long
"A Family Thing" Filming Location " Ray Murdock's Home"
"A juggler" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema
"A Piece of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" by Monica McElwain
"A sailor's yarn" by Henry Scott Tuke
"A Sassafras Gully, Gippsland" by Isaac Whitehead
"A Scene from 'As You Like It'" by Daniel Maclise
"A shipwreck off a rocky coast" by Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg
"A spring day" by Friedrich Kallmorgen
"A story book" by John Melhuish Strudwick
"A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat
"A Thousand Words" filming location
"A Vision of Opportunity with a World of Possibility" by Geeta Dave
"A Walk Through Millvale" by Sandy Kessler Kaminski
"A woman of NSW" by Maurice Felton
"A wooded landscape with a bridge and sportsmen at the edge of the river" by Paul Bril
"A World Apart" war memorial
"A young lady holding a pug dog" by François Boucher
"Abstract Painting" by Ad Reinhardt
"Achilles Discovered among the Daughters of Lycomedes" by Pieter van Lint
"Adelaide, a tribe of natives on the banks of the river Torrens" by Alexander Schramm
"Adoration of the Magi" by Andrea Vaccaro
"Agrestic" sign in Weeds opening credits
"Air Horse One" Tex Sutton Kalitta Charters Boeing 727-224/Adv(F) [N725CK]
"Air, Iron, and Water" by Robert Delaunay
"Al-Thani" Turquoise Maserati Quattroporte GTS
"Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House" by Cass Gilbert
"Alice" by George Frederic Watts
"Aliens Welcome"
"Almost Famous" Filming Location William Miller's House
"Almost Vase and Flower" by Jean (Hans) Arp
"Alpha Dog" filming location
"Altanbulag Free Zone Welcome" sign
"Alteti Azzurri d'Italia" Stadium
"Amélie" movie location
"Amélie" movie location
"America's Heroes of 9-11" by Pete Carolan
"American Guns" shop
"American History X" Filming Location Vineyard Home
"American Horror Story" house (Season 1)
"American Originals" (6/6/09 - 8/23/09)
"American Pie" movie location
"American Sabor: Latinos In US Popular Music" (10/13/07 - 9/7/08)
"American Sniper" filming location
"An Allegorical Wedding" by Ephraim Moses Lilien
"An Evangelist" by Salvator Rosa
"An extensive landscape near Paris" by Hubert Robert
"Ancient Egypt" at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery
"Andrew Spottiswoode" by Henry Raeburn
"Angelica and the wounded Medoro" by Eugène Delacroix
"Annie's Oak"
"Aquarius" by Jean-Marie Pierret
"arcadian 1 & 11"
"Architectural Fragment" by Petrus Spronk
"Art Car"
"Art students" by E Phillips Fox
"As Cool As I Am" filming location
"Aslaug" sculpture in a roundabout
"Asturias" Sculpture
"At Matlock - mist rising" by John Glover
"At Sainte Lucel Hoango (Q1)' by Frank Stella
"At the Gates of Jerusalem Triptych" by Mordecai Ardon
"Atelier Window" by Pablo Picasso
"Athanor" by Anselm Kiefer
"Autumn Leaves" by Yokoyama Taikan
"Avant Gardes '20 - '60" (6/26/2009 - 8/23/2009)
"Baby" Lamborghini Gallardo
"Bacchus and Ariadne" by Jacopo Amigoni
"Backdraft" Filming Location "Alderman Marty Swayzak's House"
"Backdraft" Filming Location "Helen McCaffrey's House"
"Backdraft" Filming Location "Man Gets Blown Into Porche"
"Backdraft" Filming Location Emmits Irish Pub
"Backdraft" Filming Location Main Fire station
"Badger" Bob Johnson
"Bail Bonds Jail"
"Balch House" by Samuel Hannaford
"Balloon" by Wiep Keikes
"Barefoot" movie location
"Barges on the Loing at Saint-Mammès" by Alfred Sisley
"Batavia Club" by Hezekiah Eldredge
"Bay in a Bottle" by John Pugh
"Be Kind Rewind" Filming location
"becauseitisbitter" by Vernon Ah Kee
"Beetham Tower" by Ian Simpson
"Before the Storm" by Nahum Gutman
"Berliner Wanne" Mercedes-Benz T2 609 D Police
"Bestia" by Manuel Millares
"Bethlehem" by Franz Kline
"Beverly Hills Cop" chase scene location
"Beverly Hills Cop" film chase location
"Beverly Hills Cop" film chase location