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Maps sorted by number of times they have been marked as a Favorite

RankMap# Favorites
1.Dennis Jones' House5
2.Curtis Jackson's House (a.k.a. 50 Cent)4
3.Hubert Humphrey's House4
4.Charles Sieger's house4
5.Paul Parmar's Mega Mansion4
6.Jason Rabin's house4
7.Will Smith's House4
8.William Davidson's house (former)4
9.Mel Simon's House4
10.Dean Gardens4
11.Richard Freeland's House4
12.Steve Hilbert's House (former)4
13.Paul Merage's House4
14.Michael Jordan's House4
15.Chemosphere (by John Lautner 1960)4
16.Frank Fertitta III's house3
17.Sydell Miller's house3
18.Vernon Hill's Mega Mansion3
19.ElectricDolls shooting the video for their song 'Baps R Bakin'3
20.Gary Winnick's House3
21.Frank Mancuso Sr's House3
22.Eddie Murphy's House3
23.Sir Ivan's House3
24.Tyler Perry's House (Former)3
25.John H. Klein's Mega Mansion3
26.Daniel Katz's house3
27.Eduard De Guardiola's House3
28.Dan Snyder's Mansion3
29.John Schnatter's House3
30.Kelly Porter's house3
31.Steffen E. Palko's house3
32.Daniel Scotto's house3
33.Vahan Gureghian's House3
34.John Smart Jr's House3
35.Three Ponds3
36.Russell Simmons' House (former)3
37.Walt Disney's House (former)3
38.Mark Yaffe's house3
39.Joe Buck's House (former)3
40.Steve Udvar-Hazy's House3
41.Beny Alagem's house3
42.Rick Ross' House3
43.Ray & Joan Kroc's House (McDonald's)3
44.Ajit Khubani's House3
45.R. Charles Loudermilk's House3
46.Mike Shanahan's House3
47.Winfield Hall - The FW Woolworth Estate3
48.James Tan & Liping Liu's house3
49.Rocco Commisso's house3
50.Tamir Sapir's house (Former)3