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RankMapRating# Votes
1.Robnett’s Hardware, a step back in time when service mattered.105
2.Sierra Nevada Brewing Company105
3.Nevada Brothel - Sheri's Ranch105
4.Nevada Brothel - Shady Lady Ranch105
5.Nevada Brothel - The Love Ranch105
6.Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith105
7.Gas Works Park105
8.The White Rabbit105
9.Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg105
10.Crank Filming Location "Sin City Deciples"1010
11.Nevada Brothel - The Chicken Ranch105
12.Memphis Central Station105
13.Snowboard Advertisement in the California Desert1017
14.Shady Acres Airport105
15.Haney Hells-Angels Clubhouse105
16.Oregon State University Memorial Coliseum105
17.SHCOOL X-ING - Misspelling1019
18.Ramtha's House106
20.Old Tennessee State Prison105
21.Sailboat in the Desert1016
22.Birthplace of Silicon Valley106
23.F-4 Phantoms at Taegu Air Base105
24.Taliesin West105
25.World's largest radio telescope (in construction)106
26.'Einfamilienhaus' by Victor Bourgeois106
27.The "Seinfeld" Apartment105
28.Tombstone Hearse1022
29.Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudí107
30.'Paraty House' by Marcio Kogan1038
31.Isle of Rum917
33.'Pearlman Cabin' by John Lautner934
34.Long Beach VIP Record Store (former)916
35.Training Day Filming Location "The Jungle"930
36.Hill Street Blues915
37.'House Monterry' by Tadao Ando929
38.Neighbors Filming Location928
39.Ho'okipa Beach Park914
40.The Golden Arches914
41.Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Hollyhock House'914
42.Navy Cargo Ships at Tacoma914
43.The Notorious B.I.G. Murder Location96
44.Former Longacres Racetrack912
45.TWA Flight Center921
46.Cedric the Entertainer's House96
47.UPS Aircraft913
48.Chehalis Theater913
49.'Garwood Residence' by John Lautner913
50.McChord Air Force Base913