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RankMapRating# Votes
1.Dragonair Cargo landing at Manchester106
2.SHCOOL X-ING - Misspelling1021
3.Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudí107
4.'Paraty House' by Marcio Kogan1040
6.'Pearlman Cabin' by John Lautner1036
7.Sailboat in the Desert917
8.Training Day Filming Location "The Jungle"932
9.Neighbors Filming Location930
10.Universitätsklinikum Regensburg921
11.'House Monterry' by Tadao Ando929
12.Ho'okipa Beach Park914
13.Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Hollyhock House'914
14.Former Longacres Racetrack912
15.Cedric the Entertainer's House96
16.Gateway by Fritz Church928
17.Weir Greenhouse926
18.'Garwood Residence' by John Lautner913
19.Nevada Brothel - Mona's Ranch97
20.'Silvertop' by John Lautner914
21.The Showbox Theater919
22.The Varsity912
23.Google Car and Trailer at Codz Poop Palace912
24.Northwest Detention Center924
25.'Familian House' by John Lautner912
26.TV Series Castle Filming Location "NYPD's 12th precinct headquarters"917
27.Fort Belvoir SM-1 Nuclear Reactor925
28.Wong Fook Hing Book Store926
29.Garcia House by John Lautner913
30.Secret Propellers922
31.Tombstone Hearse923
32.1935 Wood Coaster "Giant Coaster"918
33.Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club - Back923
34.Space Junk Yard99
35.LeMay America's Car Museum934
36.Richard Sands' Estate934
37.Viktor Vekselberg's Estate (57th Richest Man in the World)968
38.Bruce Travis' Estate934
39.Dennis G. Sisco's Estate934
40.Pierre Lapeyre's House934
41.Daniel Tosh's House95
42.Lori Milgard's House95
43.Antoinette Allocca Greenspan's House935
44.Steven H. Sitver's House920
45.Jerrold N. Fine's Estate970
46.Harold Levy's House940
47.Robert Bok's house95
48.San Diego F-18 Crash (Dec 8, 2008)910
49.Ed Harris' House95
50.Old North Church Boston95