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Maps sorted by the number of stories associated with them

RankMap# Stories
1.Fox Hollow Farm5
2.'Floegel-Shetty Residence' by Finn Kappe3
3.'The Lakes Edge' by James Clover2
4.Norris Castle2
5.'Experience Music Project' by Frank Gehry.2
6.Tuslog Detachment 4/Hippodrone Sinop Turkey2
7.Tank Hill2
8.Hellyer Park Velodrome1
9.FEMA Federal Region Bunker - Region X1
10.Gallows Hill1
11.Guard Post (OP) Ouellette1
12."Piccadilly Lilly" (B-17) at Chino Airport1
13.Tammy Wynette's House (former)1
14.'Whale Tails' by Jim Sardonis1
15.Adam Vinatieri's House1
16.Linda Davis' House1
17.Margo Smith's House1
18.McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II1
19.Jeffrey Brotman's house1
20.Proto - Former NATO Allied Forces Europe Southern Europe (AFSOUTH) underground HQ1
21.Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum1
22.Christ of the Ozarks1
23.Hoodoo Stones1
24.Barclay Farmstead1
25.Martin 404 (N636X), Pacific Air Lines1
26.Unknown Grave1
27.Convair F-102 Delta Dagger1
28.Baths of Agrippa1
29.Fort Leavenworth Base1
30.Plimoth Plantation1
31.Rare two seater A-12 spyplane1
32.Zentralstadion Leipzig1
33."Little" Jimmy Dickens' House1
34.Bryan White's House1
35.River Ferry1
36.Tony Gwynn's House (former)1
37.Vern Gosdin's House (former)1
38.Roy Clark's House1
39.Space Needle1
40.Saab 35 "Draken"1
41.Ronnie Dunn's House (former)1
42.M/S Costa Mediterraniea1
43.Sgt. Will Montgomery's apartment in the movie "The Messenger"1
44.Ryan's house from "Wilfred"1
45.Space Shuttle Endeavor1
46.Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15bis 1301 (cn 5058)1
47.St. Fillans Graveyard1
48.Fairchild C-82A Packett1
49.Temple of Saturn1
50.Neverland Ranch1