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Maps sorted by the number of stories associated with them

RankMap# Stories
1.Fox Hollow Farm5
2.'Floegel-Shetty Residence' by Finn Kappe3
3.Tank Hill2
4.'The Lakes Edge' by James Clover2
5.Norris Castle2
6.'Experience Music Project' by Frank Gehry.2
7.Tuslog Detachment 4/Hippodrone Sinop Turkey2
8.Milwaukee Mile1
9.Airplanes at Tripoli Airport1
10.Alpine Valley Music Theatre1
11.Dickey Betts' House1
12.Jack White's House1
13.Floating Bridge1
14.Sheryl Crow's House1
15.Gary Allan's House1
16.Hole in the Rock, Papago Park1
17.Eric Clapton's House (Hurtwood edge Estate)1
18.Tom Keifer's House1
19.Katie Cook's House1
20.Pokemon Mural1
21.T.J. and Suzanne Sinegal Mcgill's House1
22.Former Lochearnhead Railway Station1
23.Schapel SA-882 Flying Wing prototype1
24.Lucky Lady II (Boeing B-50A Superfortress, 46-0010)1
25.Old Railway Signal Near Callander1
26.SA-10A Catalina - McChord AFB1
27.Unknown Graves Beside Roskilde Cathedral1
28.FEMA Federal Region Bunker - Region IV1
29.Eglise Saint Sulpice1
30.Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum and Memorial Center1
31.Guard Post Collier1
33.Brendan Benson's House1
34.Mi-26 in Canada1
35.Niki Taylor's House1
36.Jessica Andrews & Marcel Chagnon's House1
37.Michael Jordan's Gate1
38.Paul McCartney's House1
39.Ville de Bordeaux (Airbus A380 on board)1
40.Bob McDill's House1
41.Big Ben1
42.Kloof Nek Guns1
43.'The City of Granada, Spain' by Dario Villares Barbosa1
44.Police Telephone Box (TARDIS)1
45.Grumman F-11A Tiger (141868/2 in Blue Angels c/s)1
46.Unknown Grave1
47.Convair F-106 Delta Dart1
48.Unknown Grave at Roskilde Cathedral1
49.Hellyer Park Velodrome1
50.FEMA Federal Region Bunker - Region X1