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Maps sorted by the number of votes they've received

RankMap# VotesRating
1.Bam Margera's House1,3917
2.Bill Gates' House1,0464
3.Neverland Ranch5473
4.Axl Rose's House4618
5.Will Smith's House4528
6.Hugh Hefner's House (Playboy Mansion)3855
7.Michael Jordan's House3697
8.Lily Safra's House (Villa La Leopolda)3447
9.Area 513384
10.Four F A-18 Hornets Taking Off In Formation3218
11.Taylor Swift's House2838
12.Eric Clapton's House (Hurtwood edge Estate)2787
13.Taylor Lautner's House2778
14.Stephen Bollenbach's House2607
15.Olivia Newton-John's House2577
16.Parque Antárctica2525
17.Miley Cyrus' House (former)2507
18.Tina Turner's House2428
19.8 FERRARI in luxury villa Beverly Hills2289
20.Submarine at sea2228
21.Lil' Wayne's House2227
22.Oprah Winfrey's House2167
23.Olivia Newton-John's House (former)2167
24.Eminem's House2098
25.The New Yankee Workshop2048
26.Atomium, The2048
27.Tiger Woods' House2034
28.Nudist Beach - Brighton1958
29.Jon Bon Jovi's House1937
30.Gene Simmons' House1907
31.Elton John's House1897
32.Justin Timberlake's House1867
33.WWII Mulberry Harbour Section1858
34.Four destroyed jets at Al Taqaddum Airport1837
35.Katie Price and Peter Andre home (former)1808
36.Billy Fiske's grave1808
37.RAF Merston (Former WWII fighter base)1788
38.Ramsey Street - Neighbours1788
39.Halnaker Windmill and WWII anti aircraft battery1768
40.Location of 87,500 sq ft KFC Logo1758
41.Man on camel looking up towards camera1747
42.Teletubbie Land1738
43.Remains of WWII MKII Churchill Tank1728
44.Mulberry Harbour "Phoenix" Caisson1728
45.Olivia Newton-John's House1727
46.Former Secret Rocket Testing Site1708
47.Royal Engineers explosives training site1708
48.Avril Lavigne's House (former)1707
49.The Kardashian-Jenner House1707
50.Tina Turner's House1678