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Fatality On The Highway

My wife and I were on our way back from a week in a condo at Lake Chelan over Christmas, when we came upon this accident about 2 or 3 minutes after it happened.

Accident Scene

Ring by Mauro Staccioli

Ring by Mauro Staccioli, taken by me in Oct 2010

C-141 Crash Memorial

C-141 Crash Memorial
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By jbottero (2011-10-08)
C-141 Crash Memorial

Seattle Fire Station 5

Taken a few days ago, eating fish and chips from Ivar

21 Air Division Command Bunker


Helis Stock Farm

Helis Stock Farm
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By jbottero (2011-03-05)
Front Gate at Farm

Pointville / Fort Dix Cemetery

Pointville Cemetery
Pointville Cemetery

Florence Baptistery

October 2010 - Inside the Baptistery looking up...
Rainy day in Florence...


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By jbottero (2009-09-10)
This establishment is owned / operated by an Indian gentalman, no kidding. (Simpson's reference)


'Ara Pacis Museum' by Richard Meier

Me standing in the entry way of the Ara Pacis
My dad taking in the Ara Pacis