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Yar Hotel - home of Yaryzh stallion sculpture

Yaryzh, the stallion sculpture at the Yar Hotel in Voronezh

Centennial Fountain

View of firing water cannon from N Columbus Dr.

Location of 1994 Durham Woods Gas Pipeline Explosion

Diagram from 1994 Courier News Illustrating the Damage to the Complex

San Giulio Island

Shot of Northeastern side of San Giulio Island

Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 - Nando and Roberto's rescue location

The trek through the Andes, which took Nando and Roberto from the Flight 571 crash site, northeast of Volcano Tinguiririca, to their rescue location on the banks of the Rio Azufre, took 9 days. The first 3 days of the journey were spent simply climbing to the summit of the mountain they were crashed on, which was in the neighborhood of 15000 feet high. The last 6 days were spent trekking southwest, along the bed of the Rio Azufre. Of course, on the 9th and final day, they were found by Sergio Catalan and their journey was over.

Sgt. Will Montgomery's apartment in the movie "The Messenger"

I was living in this complex (Country Club Village) at the time of production. The crew actually shot a scene here with Ben Foster in full military dress walking down the thin access road parallel to the railroad tracks. It was the highest-profile scene shot at Country Club Village, as they did it during the day and had to rope off all the adjacent parking lots. That "walking" scene was never included in the movie or even any trailers, but I think I recall it being in the first teasers of the movie long before it was released. The scene itself seemed to serve no purpose plot-wise, but I guess it could have been a slo-mo walk scene similar to the Reservoir Dogs slo-mo walk towards the camera shot.

Gatun Dam- Panama Canal

View of the dam from the bridge over the spillway.

Tappan Zee Bridge - almost 5 km long.

Bird's eye view shot taken by amateur pilot.