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Museum of Military History Kecel

The military park is situated right next to Pintér Works’ premises. In terms of its size and the number of the exhibited items the museum is a unique site in Europe. It consists of four separated exhibitions:

1. Handgun Museum: among the exhibited weapons (handguns, rifles, machine guns, weapons of shooting sport) one can find most types of the handguns once used in the Hungarian Army; a wide range of sport pistols and the hunting weapons of János Kádár, former General Secretary of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party.

2. Artillery Museum: it introduces the weapons, accessories and uniforms of the Hungarian artillerymen.

3. Model House: hundreds of miniatures of different tanks, aircrafts, battleships; and some finely elaborated dioramas are exhibited.

4. Open Air Exhibition: this is the most spectacular part of the museum covering more than three hectares. There is also a statue park surrounding the exhibition. There are items from the First and Second World War, the weapons of the Warsaw Treaty. Armoured vehicles, rocket launching pads, tanks, radars, helicopters, airplanes and transport vehicles once used in the Hungarian Army are exhibited: T–34, KRAZ, ZIL, URAL, GAZ the MIG family, SZU–22.