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RSS Category Feeds

Friday, Oct 21 2005 by

You may now get RSS feeds for new items in specific categories. The links for these feeds are on the category’s page.


Better Search

Thursday, Oct 20 2005 by

Search has been updated. General searches now look in the description (in addition to map name and city). You can use the Advanced options to limit by any of name, description, city, state, country or category.


New features

Sunday, Sep 25 2005 by

Google Earth exports for search, ability to view map results via thumbnails or a list, Tour link that shows random maps.


Category Restructure

Wednesday, Jul 20 2005 by

We’re in the midst of adding lots of new categories, to split up the big ones. It may take a while to get things properly organized.


My Comments

Tuesday, Jul 19 2005 by

Logged in users can view all comments they’ve posted, any how many comments have been posted to the map since.