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Friday, Aug 30 2013 by

That was a spectacular contest. Our best to date. Thanks to everyone who participated. Total new poster seenonstreetview dominated from early on. adrbr valiantly attempted to catch up but had to settle for second. Another fight broke out for third between WacoKidd110 and daggerwell but Waco held on to the end for third. Well played.

In the end we had a total of 832 maps submitted. I’m sure that breaks all earlier records.

Final Standings:

seenonstreetview – 328 points
adrbr – 314 points
WacoKidd110 – 282 points
daggerwell – 276 points
Mike1989 – 218 points
pmoore66 – 138 points
kkeps – 131 points
Fab – 116 points
jbottero – 16 points
Touringfmhome – 14 points
kiddzimahater – 2 points
Rene73 – 2 points

There were way too many great posts but here are a few:

Waitress on roller skates (StreetView)
Waitress on roller skates

Maid Cafe At Night (StreetView)
Maid Cafe At Night
Waitstaff in a costume? (StreetView)
Waitstaff in a costume?

Ballet (StreetView)

Celebrities Nightclub (StreetView)
Celebrities Nightclub

The Return of Mr. Moto (StreetView)
The Return of Mr. Moto
Mannequin (StreetView)

Bhumibol Adulyadej (StreetView)
Bhumibol Adulyadej
Absente ("Absinthe Refined") (StreetView)
Absente ("Absinthe Refined")

Mid-Century Modern clock (StreetView)
Mid-Century Modern clock
Blue Mannequin (StreetView)
Blue Mannequin

Mouse (StreetView)