Celebrity Sunday - The Cast of the Original Star Trek

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Sunday, Jan 1 2012 by

Star Trek, also known as “TOS” or The Original Series, debuted in the United States on NBC on September 8, 1966. The show tells the tale of the crew of the starship Enterprise and its five-year mission “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” The original 1966–1969 television series featured William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Spock, DeForest Kelley as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, James Doohan as Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, Nichelle Nichols as Uhura, George Takei as Hikaru Sulu, and Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov.

William Shatner (StreetView)
William Shatner

William Shatner's House (Birds Eye)
William Shatner's House
Leonard Nimoy (StreetView)
Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy's House (former) (Birds Eye)
Leonard Nimoy's House (former)

George Takei's House (Birds Eye)
George Takei's House

James Doohan's house (former) (Birds Eye)
James Doohan's house (former)
Nichelle Nichols' House (Birds Eye)
Nichelle Nichols' House

Walter Koenig's House (Birds Eye)
Walter Koenig's House
Enterprise (StreetView)

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (StreetView)
USS Enterprise NCC-1701