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Thursday, May 17 2012 by

Oristano is a town and comune, capital of the Province of Oristano, on the island of Sardinia, Italy. It has approximately 32,500 inhabitants. Its economy is mainly based on fishing, agriculture and, to a certain extent, tourism.

Here are ten interesting sites in Oristano, Sardinia, Italy…

Ancient city of Tharros (StreetView)
Ancient city of Tharros

Torre di San Cristoforo (Birds Eye)
Torre di San Cristoforo
Santa Giusta Dom (StreetView)
Santa Giusta Dom

Torre di Flumentorgiu (StreetView)
Torre di Flumentorgiu

Church (StreetView)

Icon (StreetView)
Saint Sebastian Church (StreetView)
Saint Sebastian Church

Monument to Fallen of all Wars (StreetView)
Monument to Fallen of all Wars
Memorial to the Fallen (StreetView)
Memorial to the Fallen

Chapel (StreetView)