December Movies to Be Sure to Watch!

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Wednesday, Dec 22 2021 by

The fourth installment of The Matrix is out in theaters today, and it’s sure to be a hit, like the first three films in the franchise.

Hollywood loves to release the biggest blockbusters and best cinematic performances in December, for holiday audiences and to qualify for the annual awards season. Let’s take a look at some of the stars we can see on the big screen right now!

Keanu Reeves, Hollywood Hills, CA

Keanu Reeves has been in Hollywood for decades, covering comedy, drama, action, and horror. His various acting, directing, and bass-playing gigs have helped him amass a fortune north of $350 million!

The veteran actor’s most influential role was the 1999 role as Neo in The Matrix. The series has a fourth installment coming out today, and fans are already eager to see what Neo is fighting for, and against, this time.

When he’s not acting, Keanu likes to retreat to his gorgeous, 5,600 square foot Hollywood Hills mansion. The home, often surrounded by fans, has a long outdoor pool and outdoor lounge area, gorgeous landscaping around the nearly half-acre lot, and sleek, modern decor inside the home.

Keanu Reeves' House (Birds Eye)
Keanu Reeves' House

Zendaya, Encino, CA

Zendaya has been in show business for most of her 25 years, and has already earned an Emmy, produced a television series, and starred in several major motion pictures. This December, she’s back on the big screen opposite Tom Holland for the third time in the Spider-Man series.

Zendaya owns a home in Los Angeles, which set her back $4 million, a modest sum for someone who’s net worth is more than $20 million. Her four-acre lot has lemon trees and palm trees, giving her much-needed privacy. She has a gorgeous outdoor pool, a guest area, six bedrooms, a fully-renovated and updated kitchen, and more.

She’s come quite a long way from being a breakout Disney Channel star!

Zendaya's House (Google Maps)
Zendaya's House

Matthew McConaughey, Austin, TX

For many years, Matthew McConaughey preferred to live in a trailer rather than a luxurious home like most of his Hollywood peers.  That outsider attitude contributes to what people love about the actor, who has Sing Two coming out this month.

Born and raised in Texas, he has always maintained a connection to the Lone Star state even though he’s often working in southern California. He and his wife Camila Alves own a large home in Austin, Texas.

The “Old Oaks” estate is the primary residence for the family of five, and with 10,000 square feet, there’s enough room for the three boys to run around, when they’re not outside enjoying the nearby Lake Austin, boating, biking, or whatever else they can do on the nine acre of wooded, wild land right next to their gorgeous grounds.

Matthew McConaughey's House (Birds Eye)
Matthew McConaughey's House

Reese Witherspoon, Brentwood, CA

Also contributing her vocal chops to Sing Two, and also having an outsider’s approach to Hollywood, Reese Witherspoon maintains a very private life outside her career as one of Hollywood’s most famous, and most productive, stars.

In 2019, Reese and her husband bought a very private three-acre estate in Brentwood, for $16 million. The English Tudor-style home has nearly 10,000 square feet, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, formal living room and dining room, and chef’s kitchen.

Outside, it has a saltwater pool, spa, outdoor kitchen, dining area, and fire pit. It’s the perfect place to raise a family, relax, and enjoy the high life.

Reese Witherspoon's House (Google Maps)
Reese Witherspoon's House

Denzel Washington, Beverly Hills, CA

Denzel Washington is a king in Hollywood, and on December 25, he’s on the screen as a king, this time as Lord Macbeth in The Tragedy of Macbeth, a Joel Coen-led take on Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.

Denzel has been in more than 50 movies and made numerous television and theater appearances. His long and successful career has allowed him to enjoy the high life, including a home most of us can only dream about.

His LA home sits on more than two acres, has eight bedrooms and 14 (!!!) bathrooms, as well as 28,000 square feet of space in the main house. It also has a pool, fountain, tennis court, and gorgeous landscaping. He bought the home in 1992, for about $2.7 million, and estimates place the value at $16 million or more! When you’re worth more than $250 million, you can really live like a king!

Denzel Washington's House (Birds Eye)
Denzel Washington's House

December is a month when people spend time together, and going to a movie is a great group activity. This year, there are so many great choices, no matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find a great movie to keep you entertained!