Focus Friday - Aerial Tramways

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Friday, Sep 9 2011 by

An aerial tramway or cable car or aerial tram is a type of aerial lift which uses one or two stationary ropes for support while a third moving rope provides propulsion. The grip of an aerial tramway is fixed onto the propulsion rope and cannot be decoupled from it during operations.

Wetterhorn aerial tramway cabin (StreetView)
Wetterhorn aerial tramway cabin

Mount Rogers Tramway (StreetView)
Mount Rogers Tramway
Stone Mountain Summit Skyride (Birds Eye)
Stone Mountain Summit Skyride

Stone Mountain Aerial Tramway (Birds Eye)
Stone Mountain Aerial Tramway

Roosevelt Island Tram (StreetView)
Roosevelt Island Tram

Wyler Aerial Tramway (Birds Eye)
Wyler Aerial Tramway
Nordpark Cable Car (Birds Eye)
Nordpark Cable Car

Aerial Tram Cars (Birds Eye)
Aerial Tram Cars
Portland Aerial Tram (StreetView)
Portland Aerial Tram

Funivia Trento-Sardagna (cable car) (Birds Eye)
Funivia Trento-Sardagna (cable car)