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A menhir is a large upright standing stone. Menhirs may be found singly as monoliths, or as part of a group of similar stones. Their size can vary considerably; but their shape is generally uneven and squared, often tapering towards the top. Menhirs are widely distributed across Europe, Africa, and Asia, but are most numerous in Western Europe; in particular in Ireland, Great Britain and Brittany.

Menhir de Men-Marz (StreetView)
Menhir de Men-Marz

Lannoulouarn menhir (StreetView)
Lannoulouarn menhir
Trivalle menhir (StreetView)
Trivalle menhir

Coulet menhir (StreetView)
Coulet menhir

Menhir de la Pierre droite (Google Maps)
Menhir de la Pierre droite

Kerloas Menhir (Google Maps)
Kerloas Menhir
Menhir de Kerdelvas (Google Maps)
Menhir de Kerdelvas

Courbessac Menhir (Google Maps)
Courbessac Menhir
Kergadiou menhir (Google Maps)
Kergadiou menhir

Menhir de Saint-Gonveld (Google Maps)
Menhir de Saint-Gonveld